New cutlery for SERAX

Sastrugi, the tableware collection STUDIO|Nedda for Serax, derives its name from the Russian word for the typical slope of the Antarctic polar landscape. That landscape, which has already been perfectly reflected in the porcelain Sastrugi tableware, is now expanding further, finding its resonance in STUDIO|Nedda's new cutlery line.
The slightly undulating lines of the cutlery are not only the basis of an aesthetically pleasing object, they also provide for a surprisingly pleasant grip.
From the teaspoon to the knife, with this cutlery every movement at the dinner table becomes a special experience.



In 2015, CAP conseil, a sustainable development consultancy, put the idea for a fully ethical and traceable diamond jewellery project to the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC). Two years later, the first MY FAIR DIAMOND collection has become a reality. Its diamonds meet stringent ethical, transparency and external verification standards. They also promote the development and safeguarding of local traditional expertise.

For its first collection, My Fair Diamond collaborated with Studio|Nedda. Geometric forms combine with round stones to showcase the union between elegant diamonds and daring ethics.

Bed ‘Hans Christian’

Once upon a bed … Named after its source of inspiration, the Danish fairy tale author Hans Christian Anderson, Studio|Nedda, in cooperation with Magnitude,  brings the fairy tale of the ‘Princess and the Pea’ to life in a contemporary bed concept, handcrafted in Magnitude’s own workshops. The design creates the illusion of randomly stacked mattresses yet the make-believe stack is integrally upholstered, with soft layers gently flowing into the sunken seams.
The concept represents a multi-disciplinary metaphor of royal luxury, traditional craftsmanship and the universal feeling of losing yourself in an everlasting dream.

KAWATEE slow coffee & tea, Belgian style

Viva Sara and STUDIO|Nedda joined forces to design ‘the’ filter coffee/tea 2.0 concept. The ambition was to match the impact of ‘filter coffee’ at the World Expo in 1958. Central to this new product is the experience, by combining ritual acts with a respect for and making of the perfect filtered coffee or tea. The goal was to find a solution to present coffee and tea in a low-tech and slow style. It was important that different types of coffee could be chosen, as is already the case with tea. Keywords for the design are: Experience & ritual / Choice / Belgian style / Filtering / Time The result is a product with an international flair and an emphasis on quality and Belgian-style coffee. The graphics and packaging were designed by junior designer Elise Vandeplancke.

This is a new product designed as part of the 5X5 project of Designregio Kortrijk, which consists of 5 companies of the region collaborating with a senior and junior designer.


Aroma-Vapology© with Narghilé

Nedda’s Narghilé is the ideal water pipe to enjoy Aroma-Vapology©. Aroma-Vapology© is a new way 'to enjoy flavors in their most pure and natural scents' without tobacco. In 2007 Nedda El-Asmar designed the first pewter Narghilé for the French label Airdiem. This strikingly sleek object is the modern version of the classic water pipe. The new version is made of polished stainless steel. The capsule in which the glowing charcoal rests can be securely covered with a lid. A built-in air valve allows for the release of smoke and prevents water flowing inside the burner. The Narghilé is available in the Classic version, Canon Black color (pictured), matte black or white painted, copper or gold finish.

A capsule collection for Diamanti Per Tutti

STUDIO|Nedda has collaborated with the Belgian company 'Diamanti Per Tutti'. The subtle shaped jewels are feminine, timeless and at the same time technically challenging to manufacture. The jewels are set with diamonds in such a manner that only the proud wearer can see them, hence the collection’s name 'A diamond only for me". All diamonds have a certificate of authenticity and are conflict-free.